Welcome to Urban Legends City Quest!

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate quest? At Urban Legends City Quest, we blend Amsterdam's rich history with immersive adventure. If you’re looking for an awesome outdoor activity right in the heart of our buzzing city, check out "The House with the Bloodstains" – it's our super cool city game packed with mystery, and intrigue….

Discover the dark legend of “The House with the Bloodstains”

Our game is like stepping into a real unsolved mystery! Gather your team and discover the secrets behind the infamous urban legend of Mayor Coenraad van Beuningen. He reportedly went crazy after an assassination attempt on his life. In one of his delusions, he used his own blood to “decorate” the facade of his house with cryptic symbols, drawings and words. Since then, the canal house has been known as “The House with the Bloodstains”!

PS Did you know that our game is based on real events from centuries ago?!

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Explore the historic center – outdoor activity Amsterdam

As you maneuver through the historic city center, you'll encounter puzzles, clues and challenges that require both brains and teamwork. And just wait until you slowly unlock that mysterious chest – what secrets from times gone by lie inside?! 

Outdoor activity for 2 people or group outing in Amsterdam

Have you gotten some fellow detectives excited? Perfect! This game is ideal for two to five players. If you have a larger group, you can challenge each other to a friendly duel in which you compete against each other in smaller teams. This is your chance to reveal who is the real Sherlock Holmes i

Fun alternative to an escape room in Amsterdam: solve puzzles and explore the city!

In our city games we combine an exciting story with solving puzzles and discovering the city. The result: 2 hours of fun! Whether you're an experienced escape room enthusiast, a treasure hunt fan, or a novice puzzler, this challenge is for you! We ourselves are big fans of the murder mysteries of Agatha Christie. We might also have some surprising plot twists in store for you as a bonus.

Book your Quest!

As one of the top things to do in Amsterdam, we wouldn't wait any longer. Book your Urban Legends City Quest today and get ready for an epic outdoor activity in Amsterdam with your team!

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Escape Room vs City Game Urban legends City Quest

What is the difference between a standard escape room and our city game? Look at the overview below.

  • Escape Room
  • Urban Legends
    City Quest
    City game
Escape Room
Urban Legends
City Quest
City game
LocationInsideHistoric city center
Play area1-3 rooms6 outdoor locations
Size50-150 m2Route of 2.5 km
Playing time60-75 minutes120-150 minutes
Game formPuzzles with locksPuzzles with locks + treasure hunt + geocaching & murder mystery
StoryFictionBased on a true story
Price€20-€25 pp€20-€25 pp
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