The House with the Bloodstains

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The House with the Bloodstains

Join us on an exciting search for answers! A mysterious chest has been discovered under the floor of a historic canal house on the Amstel. An accompanying letter suggests that the coffin was left there by a former resident, the 17th century mayor Coenraad van Beuningen. The discovery has kept people busy, especially because after the last eventful years of the mayor's life, the building became known as 'The House with the Bloodstains'. We would like to ask your help to investigate what is in this 17th century chest and why.

Are you up to the challenge?

Curious about the story of Mayor Coenraad van Beuningen? You can read more here about his turbulent life and the legend of the House with the Bloodstains.

Top 5 reasons to play The House with the Bloodstains

Not convinced yet? The top 5 reasons to play our city game in Amsterdam:

Sightseeing of 2.5km including unknown places in Amsterdam
A true story full of mystery and intrigue
Challenging puzzles and riddles
Play with your own group
No digital tools needed - getting started with a secret chest
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Dive into the storyline and solve challenging puzzles that reveal Amsterdam's fascinating history and hidden gems. Bring your fellow explorers, because this self-guided tour is suitable for teams of up to 5 players! Choose your starting time and embark on a 2-hour adventure of approximately 2.5 kilometers through the historic center of Amsterdam. The best part? We have filled a backpack for you with everything you need to solve the mystery.

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