City game Amsterdam

Discover the truth behind an age-old legend in a compelling treasure hunt through Amsterdam's historic center.

How does the city game work?

Come to the meeting point

Hear more about the legend and get your hands on an ancient chest full of secrets.

Solve challenging puzzles

To open locks and uncover the truth.

Follow the
scavenger hunt

Through the historic city center of Amsterdam towards the destination of your quest.

The clock
is ticking....

Will you be able to complete the Urban Legends City Quest in time?

“The Monsieur said: My friend, I have an assasination attempt in mind, will you help me carry it out? The witness demanded to know what kind of attempt he was talking about, when the aforementioned Monsieur further elaborated that we had to break Van Beuningen's neck. Clarifying that he's talking about Mayor van Beuningen , who lives at the Amstel…”

From witness statement Pieter Jacobsen Lijndraijer – June 7, 1684
Investigation into the attempted murder of Mayor Coenraad van Beuningen

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    City game Amsterdam

    Ready to dive into the history of Amsterdam? Join us on an outdoor adventure that's all about discovering the coolest stories from the city's colorful past!

    After thorough research into urban legends and myths, we have come up with a fantastic activity that sticks to the true story. But – to be fair – we have added a touch of fiction here and there for some extra spice.

    In our first city game The House with the Bloodstains, you'll explore the streets, solve riddles, crack codes, and reveal hidden secrets. It's time to discover Amsterdam like never before – prepare for an exploration game that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next!

    Read here more about our historical scavenger hunt.